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We provide homepages, web application and services what will look great on every device with a good price



We execute from comprehensive e-commerce, content management software to smaller homepages and web services. We make sure that Your outstanding webpage is always easy to acess and comfortable to use by existing and new clients.


Homepage is one of the most important information platforms - it makes possible for client to get to know your field of activity and to get contact with you. Not one job is too big or too small for us. Ask for a personal offer from us to you already today!


E-commerce is a web solution that allows clients to make a purchase without leaving home. Imagine how great it would be to get one step closer to your clients and offer them products from website. Contact us and lets work out together the e-commerce that takse Your company to the future. We can make it happen!


SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Homepage by itself is not enough to make sure that your companys products or services are visible on search engine. Contact us and lets find time for a consultation - together we can make Your homepage visible for customers!

User Iterface

User Iterface disain is main element in making of homepage. It is important to welcome Your client with a comfortable website or service. Contact us and lets change Your homepage or webservice even better and user-friendly.


For creating homepages and information system we use world known and constantly evolving platforms. For us it is very important that all the projects are modern and safe not only now but in the future as well.


Bootsrap is a mobilefriendly web based framework that assist making scaling disain for homepages.

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Wordpress is a web management software what is perfect for blogging but as well to be an engine of the homepage. It has become one of the most popular tool for e-marketer in Estonia. Thousands of different plugins and themes help to change Wordpress accordint to your request.

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Prestashop is freeware e-commerce platform what is well recongnized for their modern designing and easy administrating. Prestashop platform is widely used all over the world and thanks to that You can be sure that you e-commerce is always fresh and new.

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In disaining of homepages we use newest of standarts what allows us to make modern but low-cost solutions. CSS3 is newest international standard through what is possible to display homepage to user.

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HTML5 is international standard what we fallow to create homepages and web applications. You can be sure that everythig we use are coordinated with up-to-date international standards.

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Jquery is Javascripts library what permits to do somethig more than just a homepage based on texts. We always keep up to latest solutions in web-applications and therefore You can be sure that Your new homepage or web-application is safe and comfortable to use.

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Respeye was founded in 2016 as a small company where the main activity is creating homepages and to design them. We offer the customer "turnkey" solutions ranging from simple websites to complex series of web applications. We have gained experience in international markets and know what Internet marketing sales channels lead to the actual expected results. Information technology is no longer a profession where one person is able to manage projects from idea to demonstration. carry them out and manage. We put together a team in which everyone has an important role in the company and it is precisely in order to bring You the best solution. We offer our clients a personal approach to the work so the n outcome would be as originally dreamed of.

Tanel Vähk

Tanel is a founder of Respeye and front-end developer. In addition he has escperience in leading projects and that is what makes him the team spirit of Respeye. He always lissens what everyone else has to say and if in need he helps with his knowings of website development.

Priit Puru

Priit is Respeyes main front-end developer. He can complete a homepages, web applications and complicated services from simple skeches and drawings. He also has experience with servers management and configuration, therefore we provide a wide range service of making homepages.

Jaanis Moldau

Companys most important part is marketing. You already have homepage or e-commerce but you cant find new customers? You want to increase sales but do not know how? You can ask help from Jaanis who will optimize the homepage, makes segmented campaigns, gets statistics and if needed gives basic knowladges.

Joonas Kessel

Joonas is the company's design department. He has experience from mobile applications and web design to branding and print media. Also he takes care that users homepages will work and be understandable.


Below are outlined the work done by us, where we have more or less been helpful.


In order to learn from the mistakes made or feel joy from our work, it is important to get clients opininion of the work flow. After all cooperation we ask clients to please write us a feedback.

Consulenza OÜ is very satisfied with the homepage. It has beautiful disain and information displaying is clear . The main goal was to make a homepage what is easily usable by people with smaller experience with the computer. All our wishes were taken into account and with through good cooperation the elegant homepage was made.

Consulenza OÜ, chariman of the board

Luisa Spagnoli Estonia´s homepage was very modern and northenly fresh. Technical side was solvew excellently. For us the most important thing was sticking to deadlines and fast response to questions. RespEye team knnows e-marketings backround and principle that it is nessesery to be user-friendly and convinient. We got so much good feedback from our customers who appriciated beautiful disain and that it was built up user-friendly.

Luisa Spagnoli Estonia, sales department manager



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